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Gold Category Award
"The Arch of Europe"
Frankfurt 2002


To add to its popularity, The Gables received the International Arch of Europe Award Frankfurt 2002, in recognition of commitment to Quality, Leadership, Technology & Innovation.  The award was personally collected by the Landlord in the City of Frankfurt, which was the headquarters to the 2002 28th Arch of Europe Convention, the purpose of which was to recognize the commitment to quality of awarded companies from all over the world whose business activities covered the top areas of industrial production and services.

The event was presided by Jose E. Prieto, President and CEO of Business Initiative Directions (BID), along with outstanding personalities from the business world and international members of the diplomatic corps in Germany.

This award specifically boosted the enthusiasm and drive of the Management Team to strive to provide quality service all the time.  After all, The Gables must maintain & live up to what it has been awarded for internationally.